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Walleye Fishing Guide Services for the Woman Lake Area
"Teaching Fish to Retrieve since 1953"

     Walleye fishing is my primary focus, however lakes in the Hackensack / Longville area support a wide range of game fish including perch, crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern, and muskie, so depending upon the time of year, there can be numerous options.  I fish Woman Lake regularly because it holds a strong walleye population comprised of numerous healthy year classes.  Walleye sizes will typically range from 14-20 inches, perfect for the frying pan, and 20-25 inch walleyes are quite common.  Generally, I have not found Woman Lake to be considered a great trophy lake (meaning 26-30+ inch walleyes) but we do catch some real pigs every year.  I fish out of a 1775 Lund ProV SE (limited to one or two fisherman and myself) and most of the time we will be fishing live bait rigs or jigs, although there are times when crankbaits or bobber fishing may be the appropriate presentation.  Feel free to bring your favorite rod / reels, otherwise you can fish with mine.

     My availability is generally anytime from early May through mid-October.  Although weather and local lake conditions constantly vary, it is rare to be unable find fish somewhere on the lake chain.  Check out my "Fishing Reports" (click buttons on left side) to hear about the latest fishing conditions and check out the "Catch Photos" section to see what we have been catching.  If you are interested booking a fishing trip or have any questions, please give me a call 952-334-0115.

Half Day (4.5 hours) - $180     Full Day (8 hours) - $280       Email:  jeffoberman23@gmail.com      Cell:  952-334-0115

Jeff Oberman - Lake Cabin address:
760 Edgewater Drive
Woman Lake
Hackensack, MN