Most individuals who have the ability to invest today appreciate and practice portfolio diversification strategies. That concept means different things to different people, but in this case I am referring to it in the broadest sense. Not just diversification within the stock market or even financial assets in general like bonds, but also hard assets and specifically a real estate component.

Of course owning your own home or a second home is part of that portfolio to be certain. In addition, I would like to put forth the idea of considering and including northern Minnesota lakeshore in your portfolio. Also, I am talking about a buy and hold strategy of "vacant land" suitable for residential building.

Specifically I focus my investment attention on the Walker/Longville/Hackensack lakes area. This area is one of the great natural resource areas of Minnesota and is remarkably beautiful and pristine. There are hundreds of lakes to consider both large and small. Real estate values are quite reasonable as compared to lakes like Gull or the Whitefish Chain. Upside capital appreciation is available in this area which is just 30 minutes further north than those other popular areas. Downside risk to capital preservation is extremely low. Prices for high quality lake shore typically are 50-60% lower, but believe me these lakes are just a beautiful and much less developed.

If management or site improvement is required you may elect to do things yourself or I can provide those services or guidance as well.

If this concept is of interest to you, please contact me and we can discuss what you may be considering or looking for. I have a demonstrated track record of identifying high quality, investment grade lake shore and I would be happy to assist you in determining if this component is right for you.