North Long Lake

It's hard to understand why this very large lake in Crow Wing County is called North Long Lake. The north part I can understand because is "north" of a lake called South Long Lake. But the "long" part of North Long Lake doesn't seem that correct since the lake is more round in shape. Maybe it's because it is a "long way" from one end to the other. That part is certainly true because at over 6,000 acres it is one of the largest lakes in Crow Wing County. North Long Lake is a great fishing lake, especially for bass and walleye. There's great recreational boating too and because it is just north of Brainerd you are close to shopping and restaurants not to mention great golf courses. If you are looking for great lake property on a larger lake in the land of sky blue waters, put North Long Lake on your search list. Work with a realtor, (hint contact Doug), that knows the area and one that can help you zero in on lake property that meets your criteria.

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