Roosevelt Lake

In the more northern part of the land of sky blue waters you will find Roosevelt Lake. To my knowledge the lake is not named after either President Roosevelt, but we'll let someone else figure that out. This lake is a very long relatively thin lake that is dissected in the middle by the town of Outing, Minnesota. At 129' deep Roosevelt Lake is one of the deeper lakes in the land of sky blue waters. Its 1,500 plus acre size also makes it a great mid-sized lake that will offer a lake property owner plenty of variety for general pleasure boating and fishing. The water in Roosevelt Lake stays pretty cold due to its depth and the fact that 75% of the lake is over 15' deep. That means there aren't many places for weeds to grow which should appeal to the "anti-weed" lake property owner. If you're looking for lake property on a lake where you can boat in to town for dinner, then take a look at Roosevelt Lake.

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